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The 10/10/10 is an event rumored to come this year. Durial321 followers believe that, by the pattern of massacres, Durial321 will return and start a new massacre. This rumor is 100% true! I am planning for 10/10/10 and have found an attack option glitch. I have had 2 similar glitches get patched yet i keep finding more. Hopefully the glitch i have now doesnt get patched close to 10/10/10 and i have decided to make this glitch private. I've told 2 people about my past glitches and that's how they got patched.

Edgeville, October 10, 2010, 9-10 pm eastern there!

Zeziman731 will be selling Durial321 T-shirts and 6/6/06 as the 9/11 of runescape videos! and zeziman731 is me! =3

(Jk bout vids, but i will be selling Durial321 T-shirts and other items at T-shirts selling for $5-$9.99

Unfortunately, Durial321 has cancelled the 10/10/10 massacre due to a few difficulties.

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