The Falador Massacre, also known as the 6/6/6 Massacre, was a glitch in the server. It happened on June 6, 2006 (giving it the name 6/6/6) and happened when to many people piled into Cursed You's house during a 99 construction party. (search Durial321 for before glitch events

The "March"Edit

the march refers to the series of attacks on Runescape players between Rimmington and Edgeville. the largest amount of losses happened in southern Falador and between Barbarian Village and the northern entrance of Falador. an estimated 38 players were killed in the massacre. A few more reports came in as well, but from other players in different areas. Lumbridge and Port Sarim were 2 hot spots tormented by a few different players, but few were banned. the path taken by Durial321 starts at the P.O.H. it then moves north to the south Falador entrance and stays there for a few minutes. Durial321 then moves north into Falador and then stops again at the statue near the north entrance of Falador. he then moves north out of Falador and stops just outside Falador north wall. the crowd follows Durial321 east and then north into Barbarian Village's west side near the monastery. just as Durial321 moves into Edgeville, Mod Murdoch then stops Durial321 just before he reaches Edgeville's bank. Durial hands his green partyhat over to a friend named Izrbrad (formerly known as Links Goal) to hold until Durial321 comes back one day. Mod Murdoch and Durial321 exchange a few words and then Durial is disconnected. when i tried to log back in it just said "this account has been temporarily locked".

I was permanently banned and also i.p. banned later. (search Durial321 for the story on that)

The Final MomentsEdit

Izrbrad was later banned for macroing and he had quite a mouth on him too. He does not show up on the high scores anymore although he had 99 strength, 98 attack and 96 defence along with 99 woodcut and firemaking. He had 76 slayer as well.

Cursed You was also banned after the incident, but for real world item trading. some still believe that he was involved in the glitch but that is a myth. the only known "survivor" of the Falador Massacre is Emminem75. And the first person was a skiller who was minding his own business but he died and was killed by durial321 first. His name was "Ultra Burn3r"

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